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Wholesome Hunters : Enamel Pins

Wholesome Hunters : Enamel Pins

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Hard enamel
Approximately 2" inch each
2 Rubber clutches each
Rose gold plating
Screen-print details 

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STANDARD GRADE — standard grade pins may have minor scratches or dust under specific lighting but no imperfections too noticeable.
B Grade: Can have but not limited to scratches, dust, smudges or low filled enamel or bubbling.
C Grade: Major, visible flaws, including but not limited to: unfilled enamel, missing screen-print, scratches, bubbles & oxidization. 

⟡ Keep in mind the colors displayed are just a mock up, and colors vary from one screen to another, therefore, there might be very slight differences in the actual size and color of the product itself when produced.

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☆ I will not take responsibility for any customs fees / taxes if any, regarding the shipments after they are shipped out to you. I will only handle the fees of shipping which you pay for upon checkout. Thank you so much!

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